Ocean Side: Penthouse
in Miraflores Lima - Peru

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Ocean Side:
Miraflores - Lima

ocean side miraflores - The Grand en San Isidro - Lima

Ocean Side is a prestigious residential proposal located on the corner of Fanning and Malecón 28 de Julio in Miraflores – Lima , which redefines the concept of luxury and exclusivity in one of the most emblematic districts of the city.

A landmark of modern architecture, Ocean Side has been meticulously designed by Richard Malachowski, a renowned architect in Peru, leader of Malachowski Taller de Diseño. This project represents the perfect union between efficiency and aesthetics, offering spectacular views that encompass both the serenity of the sea and urban dynamism.

The project’s interiors reflect avant-garde aesthetics and unmatched functionality, with meticulously selected exclusive finishes, such as structured wood floors from KHÄRS and thermoacoustic windows from THERMIA, which guarantee a quiet and private living experience. In addition, the architectural lighting, led by Pamella Phang, creates warm and welcoming environments in each space.

Ocean Side is a living sculpture that rises 17 stories, offering its residents a unique perspective of Miraflores. With only 21 apartments that vary in six typologies including flats, duplexes and penthouses, exclusivity is assured.

This exclusive real estate development offers apartments from 181 m2, all designed with the highest quality and a careful selection of luxury finishes, reflecting CW Inmobiliaria S.A.C‘s commitment to excellence. The housing units have been designed with a unique sensitivity to details and comfort, offering ample storage and parallel parking for each apartment.

The common areas, designed with double height and equipped with home automation and state-of-the-art lighting, include a lobby, swimming pool, barbecue area, terrace, and spa, designed to enrich the lives of its inhabitants. And for technology and sustainability enthusiasts, facilities for dishwashers and electric rollers are incorporated, as well as a façade and parking maintenance system prepared for electric vehicles.

Ocean Side is, without a doubt, a symphony of design and functionality that offers an unparalleled living experience in Miraflores.

Ocean Side:
Av. Fanning
with Malecón 28 de Julio

With stunning architecture and first-class finishes, Ocean Side captures the soul of exceptional design that dazzles and transcends expectations. We invite you to explore a video of Lima's CostaVerde.

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Privileged views of the ocean from Miraflores

Ocean Side stands as a jewel of engineering and architecture on the exclusive corner of Fanning and Malecón 28 de Julio. An icon of elegance and modernity, with its 17 floors this project reaches a stature that offers unsurpassed panoramic views of the Lima coastline and the vibrant urban silhouette. Its exceptional location ensures its residents enjoy the majestic view of the Pacific Ocean and the beauty of the city of Lima.


First-class architecture and finishes

Ocean Side establishes a new paradigm in luxury and exclusivity living in Miraflores. It is the perfect union of impressive architecture, luxury finishes, and an unparalleled location that integrates with the essence of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan district, surrounded by culture, art, design and an enviable culinary scene.

Apartments in front
of the Miraflores Malecon

Richard Malachowski & Julio Higashi

Masters in Engineering and Architecture

Ocean Side is a testament to the mastery and vision of Richard Malachowski in architecture and Julio Higashi in engineering. Together, they have conceived a space that not only stands out in Miraflores, but is emerging as a benchmark in the panorama of modern construction in Lima, reflecting the warmth, functionality and spectacular views that only a privileged location can offer.

richard malachowski - The Grand en San Isidro - Lima

Richard Malachowski


Renowned Peruvian architect, with vast experience at the national level.

Director of Malachowski Taller de Diseño, one of the oldest architecture offices in the country, founded in 1911 with the arrival in Lima of the Polish architect Ryszard de Jaxa Malachowski Kulisicz.

julio higashi - The Grand en San Isidro - Lima

Julio Higashi


Civil Engineer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, with 30 years of experience in the development of important projects.

Member of the Board of Directors of the American Concrets Institute in Peru and of the Technical Committee of the Reinforced Concrete Standard. Founding partner of Higashi Ingenieros SAC since 2007, Professor of the Faculty of Engineering of the PUCP, and of the University of Applied Sciences.

Pamella Phang y Ursula Chong

Experts in Lighting and Landscaping

At Ocean Side, every detail of the common areas has been carefully conceived by a team of distinguished professionals, including Pamella Phang in lighting and Ursula Chong in landscaping, guaranteeing finishes of the highest quality and a design that harmonizes light and nature, creating an exclusive and welcoming atmosphere.

pamella phang - The Grand en San Isidro - Lima

Pamella Phang


Lighting Studio is led by Pamella Phang, Interior Architect with a master’s degree in Lighting Design from the ISTITUTO EUROPEO DI DESIGN IED in Milan – Italy.

We have more than 16 years of experience in Architectural Lighting projects of the Residential, Commercial, Hotel, Restaurants, Offices, Industrial, Sports and Road types in the country such as Spain, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Peru. Pamella is a member of IALD, Internatioal Association of Lighting Designers.

ursula chong - The Grand en San Isidro - Lima

Ursula Chong


Landscaper and passionate garden designer graduated from the La Molina Agrarian University.

More than 10 years of experience creating harmonious natural spaces and adding a touch of color to residences and offices through Verde Pasión, his gardening projects and works company.


A masterpiece of Engineering & Architecture


• Fanning Corner with Malecón 28 de Julio, Miraflores.
• 21 Departments.
• 17 Levelsbr.
• Flats, Duplexes and Penthouses.
• Typologies between 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms.

and Deposits

• Parallel parking.
• Large warehouses of up to 16 m2, available for each department.

and Technology

• Home automation installed in social areas.
• Lighting equipment installed in social areas.
• Installations enabled for dishwashers in the kitchen and electric rollers in certain environments.
• Building equipped with DAVITS facade maintenance and cleaning system.


• KHÄRS structured wood floors (Sweden).
• THERMIA Thermoacoustic Windows (Spain) throughout the apartment.
• Closets made in Europe IBK (Italy) in main bedrooms.

in kitchens

• Modular furniture manufactured in Europe IBK (Italy).
• Griddle, built-in oven and BOSCH hood (Germany).
• Kohler Faucets (USA).
• European sintered stone panels LAMINAM (Italy) and INALCO (Spain).

in bathrooms

• Kohler faucets, sinks and toilets.
• European sintered stone panels LAMINAM (Italy) and INALCO (Spain).
• Tempered glass screens and stainless steel accessories.

Live in the best
area of ​​Miraflores


Departamentos Flats,

The Ocean Side Project offers apartments from 181 m2 to 310 m2, with 1, 2 and 3 bedroom typologies, Flats, Duplex and Penthouses.

Immediate delivery

US$ 1,005,000
US$ 1,100,000
US$ 2,270,500

Experience, Guarantee and Trust


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With a heritage that extends since 1960, CW Inmobiliaria S.A.C is a family business dedicated to the creation of distinguished real estate assets. Throughout generations, we have maintained an unwavering commitment to excellence, developing projects that exceed our clients’ expectations by combining innovative designs, superior quality and comfort, always in harmony with the environment. At Ocean Side, our tradition continues, offering unparalleled design and quality that sets new standards of living in Miraflores​.

Project Ocean Side:
Essence of Coastal Elegance


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Términos y Condiciones

Promoción válida hasta el 02.02.2022 y/o hasta agotar Stock de 03 unidades: 401, 604 y 2103. Aplican únicamente para clientes que financien su compra a través de crédito hipotecario que cuenten con carta de aprobación del banco promotor y con el pago de una cuota inicial máxima de 20% sobre el precio de venta y/o la requerida por el entidad bancaria bajo condición de desembolso a la activación del proyecto, aprox. desde marzo 2022. Promoción sujeta a evaluación crediticia. La inmobiliaria realizará pagos de al cliente por un máximo de USD 4,000 mensuales y por un monto total máximo de US$84,000, en el tiempo transcurrido desde el desembolso del crédito hasta la entrega del departamento. No acumulable con otras promociones. El cliente será responsable del pago de la cuota ante la entidad financiera, La Inmobiliaria no será responsable por el incumplimiento de pago del cliente por sus cuotas. Asimismo, el cliente deberá firmar la minuta de compraventa en máximo 15 días calendario después de realizada la separación de la unidad y; además, deberá exhibir la carta de aprobación emitida por la entidad financiera correspondiente. Mayor información en www.thegrand.pe y/o a los teléfonos: 961 769 375. 

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